Eastern Christian Formation

Formation in our faith does not stop after we’ve graduated from High School.  Education in the faith is a process which continues throughout our whole lifetime and does not even stop on the day we die.  Spiritual, intellectual, and practical growth in our faith is formed as much in our public as is in our private prayer lives and is likewise formed as much in our public endeavors for educational enrichment as it is in our private endeavors for educational enrichment. 
To that end, each month Fr. Michael will be hosting an Eastern Christian Formation opportunity for our parishioners and anyone else interested in attending.  These will be announced in the first bulletins of each month and archived here.

Architecture in Liturgy – Feb 2022 

Iconography in the Home – March 2022 

Byzantine Devotional Prayer – April 2022 

The Daily Cycle of Prayer – May 2022 

Preparing for the Eucharist – June 2022 

Theology of the Divine Liturgy – July 2022 

Preparing for Death the Byzantine Way – September 2022 

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Youth ECF

On hiatus

 This is open to all youth in grades Kindergarten through 12. This is a valuable opportunity to enrich the lives of our children, whether they are at a public school that does not teach religion, or at a Catholic school that does not understand what makes our tradition unique. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Fr. Michael.